Online Staff Training

Your Consultation Closing Training Coach

Lou HaggertyLou Haggerty is Senior Vice President of PUMC and has been a member of PUMC’s professional consulting staff for more than two decades. Ms. Haggerty serves as the leader of PUMC’s Management Consulting Team, the Internet Technology team, as well as the Director of PUMC’s training services. Through PUMC’s facility management services Ms. Haggerty has also worked as a contracted practice manager for several cosmetic specialty practices including MediSpa1. She is the chief implementation specialist for marketing and management recommendations made by PUMC.


What you will receive during the training is information on:

  • Initiating and presentation of your services to past patients of record in a patient recall program.
  • Handling difficult patient financing issues.
  • How to secure and use follow-up information to close hesitant patients consultations
  • Consultation cancellation prevention
  • Closing phone and e-mail inquiries into consultation

We recommend that all staff members who interact with your patients by phone or in-person, Email or during the in person consultation, including the presentation of fees will benefit should be included in the on line training.

At the end of the training you will receive documented assessment of the results. Also, a spot check recall on the phone will be conducted by our mystery shopper staff.