Patient Connect®

PatientConnect® provides you with secure patient feedback that will: 

  • Uncovers new patient revenue sources
  • Generates positive feedback and referrals
  • Turns negative comments to positive and send to social media sites
  • Energize your staff with contact justification.


Stop guessing or assuming what your patients want!  ASK to secure ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE!
PUMC’s customized PatientConnect® program grows your cosmetic and medical spa practice. Experts use precise survey instruments, database analysis, customized techniques and tools to immediately generate new business.

  • 44% response rate!
  • 80+ Positive Comments
  • Identification of patients that are “asking” for specific services!
  • Engaged and energized staff


Online E-Surveys of patients-of-record will allow you to:

  • Assess patient satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Identify problems with patient satisfaction, operations and/or staff
  • Solicit ideas for specific service needs
  • Restructure your practice
  • Obtain testimonials that can be posted online