Mystery Shopping

PUMC identifies the key competitors of your practice within your area and conducts phone, Internet and in-person surveys of their practices or MediSpa offerings. The goal of the Mystery Shopping or secret shopping process is to determine your competitors’ marketing methodologies, pricing strategies, staff training/sales skills, types of services offered, Internet presence and method by which the competitor handles call inquiries and consultation transactions.

From this process PUMC is better able to provide recommendations for pricing your services, tracking results of promotion, patient seeing protocol and inquiry handling based on the findings from the mystery shopping.

PUMC has found that it is critically important to know what the other cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons and other cosmetic specialists are doing to advance their practices. Your staff can therefore be better prepared with refined training to handle inquiring calls from shoppers.

The researched Mystery Shopping data obtained through PUMC’s unique survey process is then included in online reporting and analysis within a secured interactive Web site for client updates. Along with specific information about the key competitors, PUMC conducts research on all of the cosmetic medical specialties or MediSpa1 services within a specific radius that could be considered competitors and provides links to their Web sites, if available.

PUMC’s goal for each client is to make the client the marketing leader. By attending one of PUMC’s trainings or current events you will meet members of PUMC’s professional team and be in a position to exploit PUMC’s experience gained over more than three decades.


1 Also known as medical spa, medical spas and medispa and medspa including a franchise model but not to be confused with Day Spa.