Senior Trainers

Greg Washington Sr.

Greg Washington Sr.Greg Washington Sr. is President and CEO of PUMC, an International plastic and cosmetic services marketing firm based in Los Angeles, California. He is one of (if not the first) cosmetic services marketing professionals. Before establishing PUMC in 1974, Mr. Washington trained at Merck & Co. and IBM. Leaving IBM, he created a multi-million dollar medical group from a two-man practice in four years. For more than a quarter of a century Mr. Washington has pioneered ethical and innovative marketing of cosmetic surgery and services. He has simply shown his clients how to enjoy more patients while spending less dollars using Internet technologies and Web Metrics …Patients Unlimited!

Mr. Washington’s innovations include: the first Patient Care Coordinator training programs in 1974; marketing consultation services for cosmetic surgeons in 1982; MediSpa consultations as early as 1989; conducting the first cosmetic services marketing Symposia in 1990 and pioneering the first Internet hosting services (ISP) for cosmetic surgeons in 1995. Mr. Washington has created many cosmetic services millionaires around the world. Mr. Washington has been an accurate visionary for the Aesthetic market place for 25 years of his 36+ years leading PUMC.


Lou Haggerty

Lou Haggerty Lou Haggerty is Senior Vice President of PUMC and has been a member of PUMC’s professional consulting staff for more than two decades. Ms. Haggerty serves as the leader of PUMC’s Management Consulting Team, the Internet Technology team, as well as the Director of PUMC’s training services. Through PUMC’s facility management services Ms. Haggerty has also worked as a contracted practice manager for several cosmetic specialty practices including MediSpa1. She is the chief implementation specialist for marketing, staff training and management recommendations made by PUMC.

She also has worked closely with Mr. Washington in the implementation of several of the firm’s marketing innovations that create more cosmetic and surgery patients for PUMC clients. Ms. Haggerty is noted for her precise understanding of the wants, needs and desires of the cosmetic consumer. She employs an insightful style of teaching sparked with a rare down-to-earth and entertaining quality that few have mastered. According to her students, you will not forget a training experience with Ms. Haggerty. Since 1980, Ms. Haggerty has trained thousands of cosmetic surgery staffs throughout the US, Canada and Australia.


Yvette Manard, MPH

Yvette ManardYvette Manard, MPH is a key PUMC strategist who has worked closely with Mr. Washington on PUMC’s innovations. Ms. Manard is one of PUMC’s top contributor to PUMC’s strategic market research, business forecasts. advertising and promotion, training and staff development, and new product development. The principal focus of Ms. Manard’s activities is the creation and retention of a profitable patient base for a broad spectrum of healthcare providers including cosmetic specialists, physicians, and hospitals focused on discretionary income.

Ms. Manard has 25 years’ experience in working with medical groups, hospitals, health plans, physicians, and colleges to maximize their growth and profitability through cost-effective marketing programs. Ms. Manard has made valuable contributions to the success of major medical groups and multi-hospital systems throughout the United States. She has developed sales strategies and programs for commercial and senior products and governmental programs, including Medicare and Healthy Families. Ms. Manard received her masters of public health in Health Services Administration from the University of California at Los Angeles