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Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2013 Managers Forum Make Up Webinar – Thursday, July 25, 2013

It’s time to sharpen your practice core essential skills and increase practice profitability, staff effectiveness, marketing ROI and reduce your managerial headaches.

The following series of presentations are highlights of a four panel, half day training for practice managers that occurred at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Symposium.

The presentations cover pearls for practice managers:

  • Understanding the ROI Profit Centers
  • Managing your Staff – the largest expense
  • Managing Internet & Social Media with a Practice Marketing Productivity Plan
  • Fraud and loss prevention.
  • Getting you and the doctor on the same page
  • Personality Profiles
  • Communication Style
  • Management Style
  • Know your doctor’s hot buttons

All visitors that complete viewing the four videos will receive instruction to download a series of complimentary practice management tools!


Part 1: Internet Work Assignments

[sublimevideo-lightbox poster=”” src1=”/videos/VCS2013Webinar-The-InternetProductivtyPlanGreg.mp4″ src4=”/videos/VCS2013Webinar-The-InternetProductivtyPlanGreg.webm” uid=”InternetProdPlanGreg” id=”InternetProdPlanGreg” width=”640″ height=”480″]Internet Work Assignments[/sublimevideo-lightbox]

Download the PDFInternet Work Assignments Worksheet


Part 3: Managing Your Assets

[sublimevideo-lightbox poster=”” src1=”/videos/VCS2013Webinar-The-InternetProdPlanPatrick_1.mp4″ src4=”/videos/VCS2013Webinar-The-InternetProdPlanPatrick_1.webm” uid=”InternetProdPlanPatrick” id=”InternetProdPlanPatrick” width=”640″ height=”480″]Numbers You Need To Know[/sublimevideo-lightbox]

Download the PDFNumbers You Need to Know worksheet

Part 2: Manager’s Skills Inventory

[sublimevideo-lightbox poster=”” src1=”/videos/VCS2013Webinar-The-InternetProdPlanYvette.mp4″ src4=”/videos/VCS2013Webinar-The-InternetProdPlanYvette.webm” uid=”InternetProdPlanYvette” id=”InternetProdPlanYvette” width=”640″ height=”480″]Manager's Skills[/sublimevideo-lightbox]

Download the PDFManager’s Skills Inventory worksheet


Part 4: Incentive Plans

[sublimevideo-lightbox poster=”” src1=”/videos/Vcs2013webinar-the-Internetprodplanlou2-1.mp4″ src4=”/videos/Vcs2013webinar-the-Internetprodplanlou2-1.webm” uid=”InternetProdPlanLou” id=”InternetProdPlanLou” width=”640″ height=”480″]Incentive Plans[/sublimevideo-lightbox]

Download the PDFIncentive Plans worksheet