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A web site developed specifically to assist the health care professional owners and managers in obtaining the most up to date information on marketing and/or managing their practice.

A4MandM offers collectively over 200 man-years of experience for the health care professionals.  We have pooled our knowledge and experience to provide succinct responses to general questions. Our team has provided expert, paid-for consultations to more than 700 practices in four countries. There are no gimmicks here. You do not need to spend large sums of money, go to any seminar or bring in expensive consultants to receive professional information on your health care practices marketing and management needs.

Over time our team has compiled a series of questions and answers that many of our clients have asked or confronted us with.  These will be presented in a data base format with specific categories.  You can simply select a category and then find you question and answer.  If your question is unique or very specific you can use our chat on line, set up a personalized phone consultation or participate in our managers forum to obtain a personalize answers to your questions.

The information covered assumes you are an experienced manager and need to fine tune a specific issue or assist you in obtaining more effective results with your staff.

Answers 4 Marketing and Management is constantly adding information as well as questions and answers to our data base so we encourage you to routinely check out this area.  .

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Some of the services being offered on this Web site include:

Document templates to assist you in developing the documents you need to manage your practice  more effectively,  Some examples of documents included are:

  • Marketing plans
  • Business plan
  • Marketing Budget
  • Event Planning
  • Seminar planning
Employee Management Assistance for:

  • How to recruit and hire staff
  • Incentive plans for staff
  • How to evaluate your staff
  • Job descriptions
  • How to fire staff
Staff Training for:

  • How to handle difficult patients
  • How to turnaround a canceled appointment
  • How to close a consultation
  • How to get ready for a successful consultation


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If you have been searching for a place or individual that you can bounce ideas off on or just to get some basic advice on your management style or how to handle a difficult employee, you have found the right place.

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